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About Us

Walkertown Academy in Secunderabad

A stone’s throw away from the Gandhi Hospital Metro Station, Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad with a child-friendly campus, one of the best school in Secunderabad, Walkertown Academy is a state of the art yet homely education community for your child,

that will take care of his social, emotional, behavioral and emotional development apart from the usual academic development. Here, your child will receive an education that focuses not just on textual knowledge but also on experiential learning.

Our Early Childhood Program draws inspiration from the National Education Policy 2020, and provides a myriad of rich digital resources to stimulate proficiency and growth in each child

by focusing on their multiple intelligences, including musical, kina esthetic, interpersonal, linguistic, mathematical, naturalistic, intrapersonal and visual education.

Our skilled teachers and facilitators help the child unearth and discover their potential by acknowledging these multiple intelligences and by honoring their uniqueness. Teaching is imparted in state-of-the-art classrooms where creative pursuits are encouraged through a naturalist, balanced and innovative curriculum.


Walkertown Academy aspires to be a nationally recognized school for academic achievement while inculcating a sense of everlasting inquisitiveness and curiosity in children to be life long learners.

Our Values

Trust , Excellence, Loyalty , Integrity, Diligence


To create avenues to maximize the potential of our students by providing a safe and stimulating environment aimed at exploring and honing their physical, psychological, and intellectual prowess.

Why Choose Us

The foundational learning of your child is given utmost importance at Walkertown Academy, the best CBSE school in Secunderabad and our curriculum is crafted in a manner that enables students to indulge in various activities to gain experiential learning as well.

Some of the features of our learning experience are:

Interactive environment to amplify communication and language skills, thereby bolstering the child’s confidence

Use of exploratory and hands-on activities to assist cognitive and psychomotor skills development

Focus on personal, social and emotional development to help children become well-rounded individuals

Inculcate a sense of compassion in children by helping them make sense of their physical world

Use of expressive arts to ignite a child’s curiosity and keep them enthused with the learning process

Culture that upholds the values of the school: Trust, Excellence, Loyalty, Integrity and Diligence