Play School In Secunderabad

Multidisciplinary Play School Assuring Excellence

Half Play And Half Work- Our Assurance

Walkertown Academy play school located in Secunderabad is the perfect choice to make your child’s first step into the world confident, creative, and cogent. In addition to the exceptional and progressive education that’s imparted, we also have exciting and fun activities planned to hone their skills in unique ways. Each child is unique and learns differently, and our skilled faculty ensures to cultivate their potential to the highest of their capacity.

All-Inclusive Lively School Campus

Student Friendly School Campus

The campus of this play school in Secunderabad has been designed to be children-friendly in the most peculiar way. Our classrooms ooze positivity and passion with the children interacting and exploring themselves on every step of the way. The atmosphere of our play school is an embodiment of Trust, Excellence, Loyalty, Integrity and Diligence which we hope to pass on to every child.