February 2023

Edu Expo

We were thrilled to see so many of our students engaging with the event and taking advantage of the opportunities that were available to them.
The Edu Expo was a way to help students explore new and exciting things and help them succeed in their education!

Fancy Dress Competition

We recently held a fancy dress competition for our students at Walkertown Academy, and we were blown away by the creativity and enthusiasm on display! It was incredible to see how our students embraced the opportunity to dress up.
It was a joy to see the confidence and excitement that each student brought to the competition, as they walked down the runway and showed off their costumes to the cheering crowd.

Field Trip

Exploring the World Beyond the Classroom!
Leaving no stone unturned in their quest for knowledge and growth.
A bonding experience that will stay with them for a lifetime, this trip is about fostering a love for learning and creating memories that will never fade.

Nursery Culmination

Celebrating the next generation of lifelong learners at the Nursery Culmination at Walkertown Academy!
Our young students have grown, explored, and thrived throughout the year.
Here's to a future filled with endless possibilities and continued success!

Birla Planetorium Trip

A field trip to the Birla Planetarium was organised for our students!
They sang their hearts out on the bus, learnt about different things, and got exposed to new experiences.
It was amazing to see their curiosity and eagerness.
The field trip was not only a fun adventure but also a valuable opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons and grow as individuals.

Sankranti Celebrations

The Sankranti celebrations at our school were made special with magnificent dance performances by our students!
The brilliant and lively acts captivated everyone and filled them with delight.
It is moments like these that make us proud of our diverse and accomplished student body.
Commemorating the essence of togetherness and joy!

January 2023

Field Trip

It's another exciting day of learning for the students of Walkertown!
The field trip was organized for Walkertown students to learn and experience new things.
Field trips like these are an important part of our curriculum and help to make learning fun and memorable.

Christmas Celebration Activities

Walkertown Academy School celebrated Christmas in all its joy and happiness.
Festive cheer was spread throughout the day by children dancing, singing, and participating in other activities.
The students were excited to show off their skills, and have a great time.
The arrival of Santa Claus created much excitement and was a befitting end to the celebrations.

Christmas Celebration

Here are the snaps of the fun we had!
There was a special assembly organised as a reaffirmation of the belief that goodness, joy, and the spirit of Christmas continue to reside in the hearts.
Students were rewarded with certificates and various other activities were a part of the day.
We at Walkertown Academy School celebrated Christmas in all its joy and happiness.

Global Art Competition

A child's development and growth play a crucial role in determining their future.
We ensure to provide them with the best education and facilities possible to have an overall development.
Snaps of Walkertown Academy children having fun while learning.

Grade 2 Assembly

An assembly is a great opportunity for students to learn, grow their worldviews, and have fun.
Walkertown Academy encourages students to study various cultures in order to better understand themselves, their surroundings, and the people who live in them.

Taekwondo Activity

During their Taekwondo lesson at school, students had a lot of fun!
We promote highly academic programs that offer students enjoyment and enthusiasm in all aspects of their lives.
The students were excited to show off their skills, and have a great time.
Here's to having fun while learning!

Skating Activity

Walkertown students had absolute fun during their skating activity at school!
They were all smiles, showing off their skills and having a great time.
It was so much fun to see our students enjoying themselves and getting some exercise at the same time.
Great way to spend leisure time, and we can't wait to do it again soon!


Co-curricular Activities at Walkertown Academy

Walkertown Academy is a school with a strong academic program that provides fun and excitement in all areas of the student's life.
The students are having fun on the field and in the classroom.
Here's to fun and academics! 🏈🏉

Grade 2 assembly

Learning about plants is fun at Walkertown Academy!
An essential part of living a green life is educating everyone about plants and their purpose.
Students were taught about how plants help us and how we can take care of it.
A few Snaps with the students during the class.

Grade 5 assembly

Kashmir is India's largest producer of saffron and the third-largest producer globally.
We aim to organise programs and special assemblies for students to learn things quickly.
This is just one of our methods to teach students the necessary.

Children’s Day Celebration Video

The event included speeches, contests, seminars, debates, singing, and dancing, to name a few.
In the end, the prizes were given to the winners.
The day ended with the national anthem.
Walkertown Academy ensured that the children had a memorable day.

Children’s Day Celebration with Teachers

This children's day we even celebrated our teachers for their contribution and efforts to facilitate learning and spread knowledge in students.
Here are a few snaps from the fun-filled day.

Children’s Day Celebration

Here are some pictures from Walkertown Academy's Children's Day celebration.
The day was celebrated with a lot of happiness.
The students arrived in casual attire and awaited the start of the event.
The event began with Morning Prayer and continued with a number of entertaining games and activities that the teachers had prepared for their students.
The day focused on children's enjoyment and it was undoubtedly fun.

Brainstorming Activity - Grade 2 Students

Brainstorming promotes the flow of thoughts that facilitates students' thought processes.
The combined, focused mental power generated during a brainstorming session elevates performances.
Here are a few snaps of the sessions at Walkertown Academy.


Teacher Training Session

Training Session For Teachers in Walkertown Academy! This type of training creates a positive learning environment for teachers.
Teachers' current knowledge is enhanced through regular training.

Grade 1 Assembly

Walkertown Academy organises a Special Assembly for the students to learn every day.
The goal of our teaching methods has always been to ensure that learning is exciting and engaging.

Food We Eat

A nutritious, well-balanced diet is the foundation of good health. Our G2 students learnt about the different types of food that are considered healthy for our body as eating healthy means ‘Eating the Rainbow’

G6 Assembly

At Walkertown Academy, assembly is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn, grow their worldviews, and have fun.
In order to better understand the world around them, and the people who inhabit it, we encourage students to study various cultures.


Diwali Celebrations

The students of Walkertown Academy participated enthusiastically in Rangoli and Diya-Making competitions.
Students are taught our cultures by organising such competitions. It simultaneously enhances their artistic and creative skills.
The children worked very hard and had brilliant ideas. They decorated their rangolis and diyas with mirrors, laces, glitters, and other beautiful items.

Diwali Celebrations - Special Assembly

Walkertown Academy students presented a special assembly about Diwali as part of their celebration.
The celebrations of Diwali began with a prayer and with an aim to spread love and knowledge.
The significance of the celebration, the timeless truth that good always triumphs over evil, and the history and customs of Diwali in India were all topics of discussion among the children.

G7 Assembly

Assembly at Walkertown Academy is a great way for students to learn and develop their beliefs as well as have fun.
We encourage students to learn about other cultures to better understand themselves, the world around them, and the people in it.

Dusshera Celebration

As a part of the Dussehra celebration, we planned fun-filled educational activities.
It included a role-play by the young ones in which the children dressed up wonderfully to portray the role of their favorite mythological character from the Ramayana.


Grade 2 Assembly

At Walkertown Academy, we have found that assemblies are a great way for students to learn, develop their beliefs, and have fun while becoming productive members of society and the local community.

Hindi Diwas

To mark the occasion of Hindi Diwas, we celebrated the day with great zeal and enthusiasm. It was an enriching celebration that inspired our students to take pride in the Hindi Language.

PE Class in Progress

Physical Education is important as it helps students destress and focus on their mind and body which in return improves the learning aptitude of the students.

PP1 Theme Culmination

Walkertown Academy had a lovely day as our PP1 parents visited and took part in the Theme Culmination that our students and teachers had planned for them.
It provided an opportunity for all the students to share their learning with their parents.

Grade 3 Assembly

Learning about one’s country help in understanding how we became who we are.
We at Walkertown academy have used assemblies as a resource for students to learn, develop their values, and provide an exciting venue for them to grow and develop into valuable members of society and the outlying community.

PP2 Field Trip

Children have naturally creative brains, so this is the best approach to guide, engage, and educate them. These give students the chance to visualize, experience, and discuss the information

Nursery Field Trip

The Nursery and PP1 students' field trip was a full day of learning and fun. Walkertown Academy's curriculum is designed for students to have these experiences and get well-needed exposure. The best way to learn is to experience it.

Grand Parents Day

The day was filled with loads of fun, happy faces, excitement, and cheer for students and their grandparents. We appreciate and thank each and every grandparent who participated and made the event a success.

Teachers Day Role Reversed

Walkertown Academy Celebrates Teachers Day! The day was full of fun and mischief. Students enacting their teachers was such a ride of enjoyment. The celebration was indeed a memorable day.

Nursery Culmination Program

It was a great day at Walkertown as our nursery parents visited us to participate in the end-of-theme culmination organized for them by our students and teachers. The culminating event gave all the students a chance to celebrate their learning with their parents.


Ganesh Celebrations

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations at Walkertown Academy! The students were dressed in ethnic wear and our little artists displayed handmade clay Ganesh idols. They even performed a skit about the significance of moral values and the characteristics of Lord Ganesh.

Krishnastami Celebrations

Krishnashtami celebration was part of the special assembly organized by the students. The assembly focused on the importance of the festival and to add to the celebration our little ones dressed up as Radha & Krishna to give the event a traditional touch.

Medical Camp

At Walkertown Academy, the happiness of our students is the utmost priority, and to make sure that we have happy faces all around us there was a medical camp set up for the students which mainly focused on the child's basic development.

Spell Bee

Today the students from Grade I to VII participated and competed against each other in the Spell Bee competition held at school. The students showcased their confidence, competitive spirit, and great knowledge through this event.

Child Care Development

The parents of Walkertown Academy had an opportunity to interact with Dr. Amulya Mysore, a consultant Paediatrician and a Specialist in Child Development with more than 10 years of experience. An interactive session on’ Child care during monsoon and preventive measures’ was take where Dr Amulya shared important tips on child health care, nutrition, and the role of physical exercise in improving the immunity of children

Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Walkertown Academy. The school was decorated with tricolor saffron, white and green balloons, and flags that welcomed the eyes of all to the function. Indeed, it was a day of joy and celebrations.


At Walkertown Academy, we promote role play exercises as they give students the opportunity to assume the role of a person or act out a given situation. Students benefit from role-playing as it is fundamental in enhancing skills required for healthy development.


Walkertown Academy came to life today through the beautiful recitation of poetry done by students. Through their recital, the students put up a wonderful show for the whole school.

Global Art Competition

In collaboration with Global Art students of grades, I to IV were given a chance to think about what no one else ever thought of and come up with beautiful drawings to showcase their talent.

Morning Assemblies

Morning assemblies are an integral part of the school’s schedule as it develops a feeling of being united and helps the students learn valuable lessons and build confidence.six At Walkertown Academy, Grade VII has started the ritual by introducing the school to the state ‘Of Telangana’.

Singles Tennis Tournament

Walkertown Academy is proud to share that our grade IV student K. R Shriyan participated in the under 8 mixed singles tennis tournament organized by Twin Cities Tennis Tournament and has won a trophy & certificate. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

JULY 2022


‘Together Everyone Achieves More.’ We at Walkertown Academy understand and strongly believe in the above quote. Parent-Teacher Meeting gives us an opportunity to exchange observation of a child with each other so that the students achieve more.

1st Day School

There are many transitions in life and starting school is one of them. Walkertown Academy is all about providing support, excitement, planning, and preparation in order to ensure the transition to school goes as smoothly as possible.

Manipulative Usage

Manipulative are physical objects that are used as teaching tools to engage students in hands-on learning. We provide learners access to a range of manipulatives to use in their classrooms and the teachers offer them professional support in doing so.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be used to find, generate, analyze, and present data, as well as to model situations and solve problems. Walkertown Academy believes that it allows students to quickly access ideas and experiences from diverse ranges and promotes a learner-centric environment.