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Savan Kumar Dundoo


Welcome to the cradle of holistic education! Welcome to Walkertown Academy!

From the Director's Desk

We are honored to be a choice for your child’s education and growth. In this epoch of abundance and tremendous facilities for progress, the youth – the future generation face challenges that are unique to the centennial age. It has become the need of the hour to redesign the process of learning to enable harmonic interaction between information and skill development. Traditional book-based learning methods are no longer sufficient to satiate the thirst of the generations to come.

At Walkertown Academy, we offer your child all the avenues to explore his/her potential, aided by our host of well-trained and highly proficient teachers, modern infrastructure, and a holistic curriculum that displays the perfect synergy of technology, access, equity and quality. Walkertown Academy aims to unearth the intrinsic, latent talent of your child and help them carve out their own life goals. We are dedicated to inspiring your children to aspire so that they may become responsible citizens in the years to come.

Sai Swaroop Tatavarthy


“Give me a child until he Is seven and I will show you the man.” – Aristotle

From the Director's Desk

We are exhilarated that you have chosen Walkertown to be the destination where your child receives the education that he/she merits. The world is a stage indeed, and your children shall be the players that inherit this stage, this pedestal from which they shall play their roles. The formative years of a child’s life are the most crucial in terms of development. From communication to fine motor skills and physical development, from literacy to personal and emotional development, the ages between three to seven years is when your child will begin to grasp the world as it is and develop a personality.

Thus, it is critical for them to have enhanced social and emotional quotient along with literacy. An education can no longer be restricted to pages, but must move beyond the lines to include the ever-changing environment into which they were born. Walkertown Academy’s Early Childhood Programme endeavors to provide your child with a holistic, 360 degree learning experience from the very beginning by incorporating naturalistic and interpersonal development along with literal learning.

Our well trained and proficient teachers will guide your child through a well-researched and interactive curriculum that will honor their needs and strengthen their aspirations. At Walkertown, we believe that the true essence of an education can be achieved when benevolence of thought and dedication of deeds meet.