Creya Learning

The Learning Program helps young students build empathy to the world around them through the design thinking framework. So, the students get equipped with 21st Century Skills: Thinking, Digital and Life Skills. Creya Learning & Research (2011), the pioneer and most awarded STEM learning and Design Studio Program inspires 50,000+ school students every day to become inventors and innovators by working on projects across diverse manipulative sets from Robotics to Engineering design to Coding to Cameras and IoT.

Creya XEL 2.0, our STEM Learning Program is available for class 1 to 10 and helps young students build empathy to the world around them through the Design Thinking Framework. As they work on interdisciplinary projects cutting across Math, Science, Social Studies and ICT, they connect classroom theory to solving for realworld problems. The end result is students equipped with 21st Century Skills: Thinking Skills (Creative, Critical, Communication and Collaboration), Digital Literacies and Life Skills.

Oxford Advantage

Oxford Advantage is an integrated learning solution from Oxford University Press India, providing schools with a comprehensive suite of educational materials and services.

Oxford also supports with Learning Management System with Digital Leaning Material with Comprehensive Teaching Plans with complete Report and Analytics, Assessments System with Offline and Online Capabilities for School and Home Access.

Formerly known as Edu Sports

Sportz Village Schools

Sportz Village uses structured physical activity and sports as a tool for developing mental skills, behavioral skills, and physical conditioning in the children.

With age-appropriate curriculum and equipment, Sportz Village Schools program is designed to cover all the children of every grade. The program also includes detailed skill and fitness assessment for each child. As a part of the school’s curriculum, structured play sessions for every child is conducted by a team of trained Sportz Village Schools resources during the PE period.