Significance of Parent-Teacher Meetings - Walkertown Academy - CBSE School in Secunderabad
In this blog, we discussed about the necessity and importance of a Parent Teacher Meeting holds in the child's life. Read on to know more.
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7 Different Ways Students Can Contribute To Society
In this blog, we will be discussing the different ways in which students can contribute to society.
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Best Educational Activities For Preschoolers
In this blog, we have have listen down the best educational activities for preschoolers which are best to refine their reflexes.
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Impact Of Extracurricular Activities On Students’ Behavior Blog
There are a lot of activities that students should indulge in along with academics so as to ensure a healthy and smooth lifestyle.
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Physical Education for students - Walkertown Academy - Primary school in padmarao nagar
Your child’s life can become boring and stagnant if their focus is maintained only in academics which can in turn lead to depression and failure. In order to lead a physically active lifestyle, it is essential to provide an opportunity to the children to develop the right kind of knowledge and skills. If the child’s physique is taken care of from his primary education only then it would be quite...
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