Why And How Children Should Develop A Habit Of Reading - Walkertown Academy - CBSE School in Secunderabad
In this blog, we listed various ways that can be tried to cultivate reading habit in children & explained the importance. Read on & know more.
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Collabrative Learning - Cbse School in Secunderabad - Blog
In this blog, we have written in around about Collaborative Learning & Teaching too. Read on until end & let us know if it could be any help.
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Should academic achievement matter to parents - preprimary school in hyderabad - Walkertown Academy
Parental involving in child's education has been found to increase child's academic performance but too much of involvement can be wrong too.
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Robotics for Kids at an Early Age - Best School in Secunderabad - Walkertown Academy
The ideal age for robotics is when children are finally old enough to use tools & follow directions without supervision. Read on for more.
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Wellness Program - Blog - Cbse school in Secunderabad
Physical, behavioral and emotional well-being are essential components of the learning environment, and educators should consciously encourage behaviors that promote well-being. Parents should start instilling routines at home, which can be supplemented by wellness programs at the educational institutions where their children are educated. Wellness programs and events also help students achieve academic success. Millions...
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