Natural Ways To Boost Children’s Immune System In India

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Your child is all grown up and is ready to set apart for a part of the day for the rest of the years!

Your child is ready to go to school and start a new life. It would be a joyful moment to see your child  going to school but somewhere down the line it would be difficult as well to stay away from your child for about half of the day and vice versa. Generally, parents have this apprehension that their children will be coming in contact with many new people and thus the exposure to numerous viruses and bacteria will increase. In such a case having a strong immune system is very essential.

What Is Immune System?

A complex network of tissues, organs and cells that works to fight against the invading microorganisms is called an immune system. Children with a weak immune system are prone to get affected easily by viruses and bacteria. Thus, it is very important to maintain your child’s immune system to prevent them from catching any sort of diseases easily.

How can I boost my child’s immune system?

As parents, you must be thinking if we could protect our children from all kinds of diseases by shielding them in a bubble but practically this is not a solution to the problem. There are various ways in which you can protect them, one of them being a boost to the child’s immune system.

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Can I boost my child’s immune system naturally?

A realistic way of protecting your child from bacteria and viruses and keeping them healthy is to boost up their immune system. There are various strategies through which your child can boost  their immune system in a natural way. Here are some of these natural ways:

  • Animal fats: You must be thinking that animal fats are saturated fats with a high level of cholesterol. Yes, they are saturated but these types of fats are a major source of energy for the body as well as the heart. They boost the immune system. Animal fats include eggs, meat and dairy products. These foods boost the immune system by providing it essential amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.
  • Include green food in your meals: We all have been reading and being taught that green vegetables are very good for health. This is just because methylation, a biochemical process which takes place with many other functions such as detoxification. meals that include vegetables like sprouts, broccoli, kale and spinach provide sulfur and Vitamin B to the body which helps in the process of methylation. This will help in strengthening your child’s immune system.
  • Regulate the sleep schedule: The need of a regulated sleep schedule should always be a priority. Establishing a sleep schedule, keeping in mind the bed time as well as the wake up time makes a big difference to the immune system. Majorly children require about 10 to 14 hours of sleep so as to be healthy.
  • Physical activities: Kids like playing and running around, they get actual happiness in such activities. Physical activities like exercises, yoga and sports increase the blood circulation in the body and also increase the oxygen circulation. They also help in reducing the stress level, improve mental as well as emotional health and also help the mind and body to relax. Thus, physical activities are essential for the overall health and happiness.
  • Sunlight: Is sunlight exposure safe for children? Yes, exposure to sunlight is safe for children and also healthy as the UV radiations help in increasing the endorphins present in the blood. Exposure to sunlight is harmful only when it is excessive. Sunlight provides Vitamin D which is very essential for the body. Thus, Vitamin D decreases the risk of diseases and also makes the bones strong.

The immune system is the most important part of the human body. Proper care and a boost to the immune system is very essential so as to ensure that exposure to numerous bacteria and viruses does not prove harmful to health. Thus, try these natural ways to boost the immune system of your child.

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