Things to remember while school admissions for primary sections

Young parents face the challenge of looking for a perfect school for their little ones, it seems like a herculean task, it isn’t that difficult if we consider certain things before selecting the right school. Read on to know more.

Schooling lays the foundation for one’s life. A strong foundation in the early years helps the child develop as an individual. It is important to choose the best school for kids in the primary section as the primary years lay the foundation for a good education.

There are many factors to be considered while looking for the child’s school admission and we have listed a few of them.

Things to Remember While School Admissions

School Campus and Facilities

School is like a second home to children and it’s essential to make sure the campus of the school is well maintained. The school ambience, the colours, the furniture, play area, and classrooms have to be child friendly to make them feel comfortable. Parents have to check all the facilities provided by the school are up to the mark or not.

Skilled Teaching Staff with Quality Education

Students learn, communicate, spend time with the teaching staff the maximum amount of time in school. So, making sure the teaching staff are skilled and talented enough to educate the kids should always be on top priority for parents. A school can be rated as best only if quality education is provided with skilled teachers.

Syllabus and Curriculum

The curriculum has become one of the important factors over the years while choosing a school. The education board, SSC or CBSE, or ICSE, which one to choose? Which has the best syllabus to gain knowledge? These are the common questions of the parents. Check out our other blog to know which syllabus is the best.

Location and Budget

A school near home is a better choice for students in primary sections as the travel time will be reduced and parents will be able to reach soon in case of any emergency. Also, a parent has to keep in mind the budget/amount they are willing to spend for child’s schooling and accordingly has to choose without compromising quality education.

Safety and Security

Due to COVID-19, student’s safety is high priority to any school. All schools have to follow the safety precautions and provide maximum security to make sure everyone is healthy. Here no negligence or irresponsibility can be entertained. So, every parent needs to check the hygiene levels, sanitisation process while visiting the school.

Apart from Academics

School isn’t just mean for academics, but for overall growth of the students. Especially, children from primary sections need physical, mental growth as in learning emotional, social, creative skills which will eventually be a part of their character as a person. So, what else a school is offering apart from academic is what a parent needs to look out for.

Now with the advancements, e-learning has been adopted to use the best of technology in school that will help students more interested in education.

These were the few things to remember while school admissions for primary sections. Did you find it helpful? Comment and tell us. Stay tuned to read on more blogs!

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