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Previously, the concept of Online Education was a pretty abstract one . But now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have become familiar with this concept now.

Most ideologies these days are classified as the Conventional Ones and the Non-Conventional Ones. The same can be said with respect to Online Classes too.

Who knew that children who go to a separate place just to learn are now confined to the four walls of their homes now?

Let us take this blog as an opportunity to look into all-things-education. How the system was before, How it has evolved, and will Online Education make a newfound entry in India?

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Schools- The Conventional Mode of Education

Many of us have pictured children getting up early in the morning, getting dressed for school and catching the school bus.

It’s been nearly two years since we have seen that, don’t you think? Looking at it on a serious note, children are missing out on a lot since online classes entered the Indian household.

The internet will show lots of stats and info-graphics about this.

Let us put those aside for a while, and understand something else here.

Why are schools important? The reasons are plenty. Schools are not just for academics, but also for developing a lot of other life skills.

We’re not sure if switching to online classes might help here.

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The Evolution of Online Classes

It all started during March 2020 when the Coronavirus outbreak made us acquainted with working from home and Online Classes.

Apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom Meetings were then becoming very common as classes had to continue.

But it is a very well-known fact that Online Classes are not as effective as offline ones, given the state of personal communication between the teachers and students wherein they can monitor them and know if they have understood the subject or not.

Then there were online assignments and online exams. We all know how that went. Teachers have found it very hard to keep up with their students.

We also are very well aware of the fact wherein parents were doing their children’s tests and assignments.

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Hindrances Faced During Online Classes:

  • voice cracks on video calls
  • feedback issues during online class
  • lack of direct expert monitors
  • some parents are illiterate and failed to monitor their children
  • no follow up of interaction less attention
  • lack of extra circular activity

Is Online Education the Future?

It is still too soon to come to terms with this fact. Colleges might not have much trouble with these Online curricula as there is not much to concentrate on college students.

But coming to school students, there are a lot of things teachers have to make sure of. It might not be possible here.

On the other hand, there seems to be a good set of positive points here too.

A lot can be debated here. But the answer to this question is still unknown.

We hope all of us can wait and see what happens in the future. Until then, make sure to read our blogs.
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  1. saania

    With online learning, both the teacher and the student can choose their own speed for learning, and there’s also the extra flexibility of creating a schedule that works for everyone. but personally i dnt prefer online learning reasos are obvious screen time increases not much activities can be done through online learning.

  2. Ruchika

    My question is, Don’t you think it’s been a while since we’ve seen that? On a serious note, since online lessons entered the Indian home, children are missing out on a lot.

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