Significance of Parent-Teacher Meetings

Significance of Parent-Teacher Meetings - Walkertown Academy - CBSE School in Secunderabad

Teachers and parents play a vital role in educating a child. It is said that parents are a child’s first teachers as children learn a lot of things while watching their parents’ behavior. It is of utmost importance that parents do not miss any of the assigned Parent-Teacher Meetings for the sake of their children.

This provides a platform for our 3 stakeholders- parents, students and teachers to address their concerns.

Here are 5 reasons why parents should attend each and every Parent-Teacher Meeting.

Forming a Cordial Relationship between the Teacher and Parent

Teachers have to understand their students in order to know what measures can be instilled for their better performance.

For that, teachers should communicate with parents to know more about the student, because students are not the same at school and at their homes.

Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses

A child’s strengths and weaknesses have a huge impact on their academic performance.

Knowing how to overcome weaknesses and tuning strengths accordingly will go a long way for students academically and personally as well.

Reviewing the Child’s Performance

Parent-Teacher Meetings are majorly conducted to see how children are doing with their schoolwork and what has to be done.

It is an opportunity to assess the child and understand where he/she is lagging with.

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Providing Insights

Parents and children have a chance to drop in their ideas and suggestions on what can be done to better their performance and the teaching system.

Learning Strategy

When parents, teachers and students sit together for a Parent-Teacher Meeting, coming up with a strategy to improve the child’s performance at school gets much easier.

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  1. saania

    These meetings help you understand what our child is learning at school, their progress both academically and social-emotionally, and what we can do to support them.

  2. Ruchika

    in my opinion a child’s education is greatly influenced by their parents and teachers. As children pick up a lot from seeing their parents’ behaviour, it is stated that parents are a child’s first teachers.

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