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If you are enrolling your child in a school, there are a lot of factors you consider- teaching methodologies, the vision of the school, extra-curricular activities and whatnot. As you keep reading this blog, you will understand why your child’s school should have a Library .

Libraries are an essential part of a school’s infrastructure and help children in various ways. Once your child starts reading, it will help them improve on their vocabulary and ensure a good grip over the language which constitutes the first step to build their communication skills. There are lots of students who cannot deliver their ideas because of a lack of communication. In the long run, it harms your child’s future.

Here’s Why Schools Need Libraries:

  • Empathetic Understanding:

Reading books help your child provide a better understanding of people and their behaviour. Your child’s mindset changes once they start visualising all the characters and start putting themselves in the shoes of fictional characters that replicate people they will come across later in their lives.

  • Promotes Creativity and Curiosity:

Children have a higher level of curiosity when compared to adults. Books are meant to give that extra push to have more questions about things and help boost their creative flow.

  • Academic Performance:

As academic standards are increasing drastically, reading one prescribed textbook is not sufficient to learn a subject. Apart from fiction novels and storybooks, libraries contain a wide range of reference books and research materials on various subjects that will benefit your child in their academic performance.

  • Concentration Levels:

The peaceful and quiet atmosphere perhaps makes libraries the calmest places in any school. If your child constantly gets distracted while studying, going to a library will improve their concentration skills to the maximum.

On the whole, schools need to have libraries as it contributes to the overall growth of your child. So, the next time you check out a school for your child, see if the school has a library or not.

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  1. saania

    They are essential partners for all teachers, providing print and digital materials that meet diverse needs and offering opportunities to deepen student learning.
    yes, its compulsory to have libraries at schools which bring quality to learning

  2. Ruchika

    I Feel the infrastructure of a school must include a library, which benefits students in many ways. As soon as your child begins reading, it will aid in vocabulary development and guarantee that they have a firm grasp of the language, which is the first stage in developing their communication skills.

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